Welcome to Dubai

From the timeless tranquility of the desert to the lively bustle of the souk, Dubai does not only boast the best contemporary sightings but has also preserved some of the most intriguing historical attractions.

Out & About

Dubai… from the tallest building in the world to the ancient heritage villages – the city is truly multi-dimensional… stroll along the Creek, the gold, spice and textile souks and on to ultra-modern mega shopping malls, dine in the finest restaurants, shop till drop – Dubai has it all.


The country enjoys excellent weather for most of the year, with sunny skies and pleasant temperatures, even though it is hot between June and September. You can comfortably enjoy Dubai in air-conditioned comfort. October through May is the most pleasant season.

Our hotels, Raviz Center Point Hotel and Versailles by Raviz Hotel, provide central access to business as well as leisure destinations. Dubai is a dynamic city with endless options of sights and lights to explore and things to see. Our Travel Desk will recommend the best itineraries that will suit your schedule.